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Hello everybody, you have probebly come to our site because your a fan, somebody emailed it to you, or you may be really drunk. other than that welcome. We just have here some stuff about the band. As you may know were a Hamilton based band. On the site you'll just find a heap of crap you didn't need to know and other stuff about the band. We have our first EP coming out soon. (for those who dont know its a 4-6 track cd) It should be realed in July or August tentitive. Other than that Enjoy!

 and have And our email address is if you want to email us for a chat or anything.


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Band News and updates

August 6th

Hello people, hows everyone going? We are great, if anyone wants to contact any of the members of the band email and we are probally changing our name to vitality, and making a new website which is, come on, email us, u know u want 2,


July 19th

Soz for not writing anything on the site, Well we mite b playing at the next freeza (not confermed) on the 19th of august, we were going to play this friday but the freeza was cancelld and moved to the 19th, we will be playing alot heaver songs eg system of a down and abit of slipknot, our new cd will be selling shortly, thanks



June 3nd

We have perminetly removed the guset book page due to a few people who thought they'd post some shit on there. We will most likley not be putting it back on and if we do their will be stricked rules following it. We apologise to all who decided to use it appropiately.

Other than that our site domian will change soon to.


we will post when it is up and running


June 2nd (New name confirmed)

Hey everyone, The Strides are no more. From now onward we will be know as "ZENIETH". We have decided to change our name due to different music dirrections. Also the strides was a crappy name.

Thanks post soon


June 1st (NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!)

Sorry all you guys for not updating for a while. There hasn't been to much to report. But weve got some 2 pieces of NEWS now. We will be doing the recording in about July. We have selected 2 tracks that will be used for the ep. Both of them are originals. 1 is by Sam Beulke and Another by James Wallace. Both Track/lyrics/Title will be posted later. Also the band is having a current change of name. We will eighter be called

The Northern Lights

Crimson Moon


Post in the guest book which one you perfer or go to the poll pn the bottom of the page. Thats about all we have to report at the moment.


April 21st

Hello everyone. Just a news on the Hamilton battle of the bands.....we did not win but we had heeps of fun playing. Unfortunatly Jason couldn't singing and we were out with a pretty shitty time slot but other than that we we more than happy to play. We have currently been working on our songs for the EP due out in july-august(tentetive). We are putting some touches or one of our song which is almost finsihed but we are still working on another four. We are writting most of the songs and have been doing a fine job doing it. We are currently still writing and will update soon. Also check out a site who we quite enjoy the pleasure of advertiving us. go to . The new album will be coming out some time in July so watch out for that. Also hello Cassie, Mellisa, Micheal, Kim, Will, Bill, Raquel and a hell of alot of other people i wasn't Stuffed to write down.

Cya from the strides


April 16th

Hi im actually writin this on the 15th but its almost 12 so close enough, well i hope to see every1 at the freeza at 5.30 today and it finishs at 10 and entry is and we are playin at 6.05 mabey earlier and we are playin  4 20 mins and we are playin 5 songs which we cant say what they are and we are all playing except jason, because he cant make it...So sam is singing. And groupies go to any of us afta. Thanks, cya at the freeza!


April 9th(later)

Hello everyone, we have just had 600 hits to the site in under a week and still coming and daniel is selling his guitar on Ebay, so look it up and bid on it or tell someone about it, it is under Ibanez S 470 and its blue thanks.


April 9th


Hello as we wrote yesterday sam will be singing. Just a note that we will not be playing 100 percent because Jason nkows the lyrics best but as posted yesterday it is musch better than forfieting the event. Just a not that there is a possibility that Jason will be able to sing but it will take time to organise. In other new go to to stream the new demos to there upcoming album. For those who don't know our lady peace is a four piece band from canada. They will be releasing there new album some time this year according to frontman Raine Maida. Also for those looking for music gear check out Noise Music store if you want stuff like Epiphone guitars or other top brands


April 8th (afternoon)


Hello, seeing so that Jason can't play for us on the 16th we have decided that Sam will be singing for the night but doesnt really want to, but its better than forfitting so he will be playing Rythem eletcric for the whole time, James will be playing lead eletcric, Daniel will be playing bass and jacob on Drums, Sam said he wont sing if he has to be on bass for a bit, because if people didnt go to the Cavindish battle of the bands, Daniel played bass for three songs and sam plays bass for one, but we later gigs they are eigher going to stay on a instrument the whole time or swap, depending which venue and on the recording we will do half they amount each, Because no one really wants to play bass (to be honest and no offence) when were practising but when we are playing its more enjoyable. Hopefully things will change and Jason will be able to come along but we are planning for the worst.


April 8th (morning)


For Peoples Viewing Pleasure


Last night three members of the band went to a meeting at youth biz.


Band list: there are 5 bands playing at the battle of the bands but 12 bands applied, so we were lucky enough to be chosen.


Bad news is that it may be the last battle of the bands in Hamilton for a long time because the government is going to stop supporting and funding youth biz (maybe a good petition idea) which runs the freeza as it said in the Hamilton Spectator but hopefully the attic will run a few.


We are going to play second at 6.05pm, the bands start at 5.30pm and follow onto 7.30, but it probably take longer, which usually happens.

(So try and get there early)


Prize: We are not 100% sure what the prize is but we know that the winner goes onto the Ballarat Regional Final then to The State Final in Melbourne, we don’t know what happens from there but it does sound exciting.


Songs: We have a limit of 20mins of song time and 15minute change over, which is a tight squeeze but they said they did it last year.


People have been saying that The battle of the Bands has been changed to Coleraine but it hasn’t, so its still in Hamilton, so someone must of made it up.

April 7th (afternoon)

We will find out today at the Youth Biz battle of the bands meeting today what will be happening with playing at the attic on April the 16th. We will find if it's possible for a replacment singer for the day.

April 7th (morning)

There is some bad news that there is a split chance that we will play in hamilton. unfortunatly Jason may not be able to back it to the Hamilton Battle of the Bands. There is still the chance that he may be able to play but if not, one we will find a replacment singer for the night, second we will play instrumental or third we will pull out of the competition. Sorry to inform you bout this. We will post a bit more on this.

April 5th

Unfortunatly one of our members may not be able to make it to the Hamilton Battle of the bands. It is not quite clear whats happening but we will keep you informed. This may result of us Forfieting the hamilton Battle of the Bands. It may be possible to be able to get a replacement singer for the event but the way it's looking it may not be to high that this will be happening. We will keep posting as it unfolds but at the moment all is looking bleck. 

April 2nd

For those going to the southern expression battle of the bands at the Attic on April 16th we enjoy to inform you that we have been told by youth biz that we will be playing. It will be a five set gig and we will be playing either a four or a five set gig. Depending on the time limit. we would imagine the time limit would vary between 15 to 20 minutes with a half an hour space to set up all the instruments. News is that this time they will seal of the top section of the buildings for saftey reasons and for conveinece to the bands. For storage reasons

April 1st

Some good news for us and for other stride listeners, tonight we played a four peice set at cavendish in there battle of the bands. We went up against some good competition but we ended up winning. Thankyou to the people running the event and to the bands that played. Also to the people who came to watch. We will now be recording our first EP due out before August this year.

March 28th

Just a update on the set at Cavendish. We will be playing two of our own orignal tracks and will to two covers. Here is the set list of the songs that we will be playing

1)Original by Sam Beulke (title not decided)
2)Origianl by Jame Wallace called: Stealing Sleep (c)
3)Get me outta here - Jet
4) Forcible entry- Our Lady Peace

March 26th

We are glad to tell you on april first we will be playing in cavendish for a prize of a 16 hour recording session. There will be a headlining band by the name of the Bench warmeres and there will be 2 other bands playing. One of them contains one member from another monivae band..Nick Emsley. Also there will be a DJ inbetween setups for the next band.


March 24th

We almost have the site finished. It should be finished before the 16th of April. Just because of other commitments we haveb't been able to finish it off. Sorry for the inconvenience. I will keep posting and keep you informed


March 22nd

We have just opened up our Bands website.We will post on it: When we play, Our influences and heeps of other crap about the band. The site is not quite finished yet but we really hope to finish it soon. It just takes a bit of time to get it all up and running.


31st March - Monivae PAC at lunch

1st April - Cavendish blue light (battle of the bands)

16th April - Attic freeza

There will be an event after battle of the bands but the date has not been specified yet


Band Members

Jason Tully

Sam Beulke

James Wallace

Jacob Daube

Daniel Ross


Also be free to contact us on the following email bellow